About Us

If you're looking for some passionate farmer/designer-types to help you dream, design or grow your backyard food paradise, well...you've come to the right place.

We've got some clever plans up our sleeves for backyard lusciousness - YOUR backyard lusciousness (or front yard or business yard or schoolyard!).

So poke around, learn more about us. Should you find yourself wanting a consultation, a Garden Coaching session, or having a few questions about what we do, please get in touch!

With dreams of backyard abundance,

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the Twin Cities local foods ecosystem by transforming landscapes into tasty, beautiful and sustainable landscapes through which eaters connect directly with their farmers, food and land.

To do that, we grow backyard food gardens and provide garden education for homeowners, renters, schools and businesses with an exclusive focus on organic and sustainable practices. Whether you’re looking for expert advice, full service or something in between, we can help your garden dreams come to life!

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Dina Kountoupes- owner graduated from Macalester College in 1993 where she studied environmental issues and followed that interest immediately after college to work in environmental education centers around the nation: in California, Maine, Vermont, and Minnesota.  In 1996 she took her interest in the environment to the tropics of Costa Rica where she applied her Spanish skills to work at sustainable development research centers, sustainable farms, and environmental education centers. In 2000 she returned to the Twin Cities and began working in children’s garden programs, community gardens, and local nature centers while pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Minnesota in environmental education, with a minor in sustainable agriculture.  After graduating she continued to work in her field writing curriculum for, and designing gardens for a schoolyard garden ecology program where she had the opportunity to follow her passion of getting more kids outside to connect to the land, as well as enjoy and learn about nature. In 2010, she was a backyard farmer and garden educator for PRI Cold Climate's Backyard Harvest Program.

Photos: Crystal Liepa and Emily Swanson