Food Shelf Gardens

Sharing Healthy Food with Vulnerable Neighbors

2011 graduate, Anna Cioffi
Harvest Moon Edible Landscapes grows gardens dedicated to local food shelves and meal programs. By partnering with community centers, synagogues, churches, and schools we get food to the people who need it the most. In addition, our clients are encouraged to donate produce from their own gardens, and they often do. A misconception about food shelves (and the people that visit them) is that canned food is needed the most. People want fresh food! Food shelves will often accept any amount of produce (herbs, greens, fruits, veggies). This food always goes first as families want to eat fresh food. The Food Group Minnesota's website can direct you to food shelves in your area and gleaning programs where they send workers to collect produce from your garden!

Pounds of produce donated in one year: 651 lbs

To learn more about donating your own garden produce, contact your local food shelf or The Aliveness Project. Not all food shelves are equipped to receive all types of produce. Be sure to find out what works for them before arriving with your donations. Organizations that offer daily meals are more likely than others to be able to receive highly perishable crops like lettuce or herbs. Another option is to work with a gleaning program like The Food Group MN  They'll come and pick up produce - maybe even harvest it for you.