Who is Harvest Moon?

Dina and Krista
We are Krista Leraas and Dina Kountoupes, and we LOVE helping people transform their do-nothing lawns into destinations of beautiful abundance. We are educated and passionate “eco-agrarians” with backgrounds in sustainable agriculture, school gardens, and permaculture design. Learn more about us here.

What is backyard farming?

Backyard farming is a connection to nature and a direct relationship with your food. It can be as small as a potted tomato plant or herb garden, or as expansive as an urban homestead alive with fruit trees, vegetables, chickens, and bees.

Who are backyard farmers?

We think that more food grown close to home by someone you know (maybe even you!) is a good thing. We love to see our clients gaining real nourishment (body and soul) from their outdoor spaces. We enjoy spending our time growing beautiful, organic produce, installing ready-to-go vegetable gardens, or coaching new growers.

What are Harvest Moon's services?

We provide food gardening and coaching services to a wide range of local eaters including busy families, community gardeners, businesses, and schools. Our eco-friendly food production education, design, installation, maintenance, and consulting includes anything from advice on how to grow better tomatoes to designing and installing a custom edible landscape for your space.

How much can a Harvest Moon garden produce?

In 2012, Full Service Kitchen Gardens that we installed and maintained produced up to 2.5 pounds per square foot - 250 pounds from just 100 square feet of growing beds. A recent estimate by Gardening Matters based on data from Twin Cities participants found that urban vegetable gardeners produced about 1/2 pound per square foot.

The results for your garden will vary depending on the condition of your soil, sun exposure, competition from trees, water availability, gardener skill level, and, of course, the weather. If you're planning to grow on your own, we think it's not unreasonable to expect to produce about 1 pound per square foot following our advice. As your skill and soil build, so will your yields!