Garden Kits

Our Garden Kits are instant gardens designed to save you time and get your backyard bounty jump started with expert serviceKits include soil, mulch, transplants, seeds, trellising, installation labor, and one hour of Garden Coaching. Additional coaching time - growing advice and assistance throughout the season - is also available.

Garden Kits for 2020: 

NEW! Pollinator Patch
Got a soft spot for bees? Or want to get better yields from your crops? This kit features nectar plants that bloom all season long and keep your pollination partners happy. $490

Basic Veggie Patch

The ultimate starter garden will keep your mouth happy with such garden hits as carrots, peas, salad mix, tomatoes, green beans, peppers and more. $590

Deluxe Veggie Patch
Our biggest pop-up garden yet! 100 square feet filled with an abundance of crops to keep your mouth and tummy happy all season long. $990

Salsa Garden

Everything you need! Plus edible flowers and spinach. Replace cilantro with oregano and basil for a Pizza Garden! $490

Fall Harvest Patch
Starting late? This one is just right for you. Planted in August for fall salads and snacks. Plus, you'll have a bed ready to go for next year! $450

Winter Abundance

Keep eating garden goodness into the winter with this patch of scrumptious winter squash, roots and drying herbs. $490

Raspberry Patch
Ever-bearing raspberries are planted with yarrow to create a delicious and beautiful addition to your landscape. $210

Garlic Patch

Plant it in the fall, harvest the following July. Who doesn't like fresh garlic? Mmmmm... $175

Asparagus Patch 

Long-lived, tender asparagus is planted with dill and alyssum. $210

Strawberry Patch 

Everyone's favorite berry with chives and borage. $210

Returning Kit clients are eligible for up to 30% off.