Robyn and Miles, Minneapolis
A wonderful outfit run by a terrific person! Thanks to Harvest Edible Landscapes, The Wine Company and ArtisanVineyards.com have a healthy and burgeoning company garden replete with fresh organic soil, mindfully planted rows of many vegetables, rain barrels, and a healthy compost to replenish the beds over time. Knowledgeable, hard working & genuine! A+
~ Nicholas, Business Services customer

Magic can happen when getting a backyard garden with Harvest Moon! With amazing patience, Dina will explain the process and show how to plan and grow food, address pest and soil problems, then harvest and prep for the next year. The magic happens with the awakening of our connection to the Earth and the constant exchange of our energy with its energy. I found you have to live this to understand it. Happily, Dina knows this and bring this understanding to the mission of Harvest Moon Edible Landscapes.
~ Norma, Full Service Kitchen Garden customer

Sandy and Jay, St. Paul
Our conversation reminded me that gardens, like many things in life, are a process that we engage in; that there is not a right way, but perhaps many best ways; and that paramount to how I define success in my garden isn't about the final output, but rather how attentive I've been to the process that I create. The radishes are already sprouting and I have big hopes (not expectations) for the rest of the season. You're the best!!
~ Chad, Garden Coaching customer

Even though we knew a lot about gardening, Harvest Moon was an incredible resource of information that made our efforts even more successful. Why go through years of trial and error when you have ready access to excellent garden coaching resources!
~ Wilbur, Garden Coaching customer